Steel Grey Granite


Steel Grey Granite slabs are an excellent option for a variety of applications due to its unique design and minimal variance. For use in kitchens, baths, and other spaces of residential and commercial buildings, this granite provides a soft yet elegant backdrop.

Granite countertops with an exquisite and classic design that offers both beauty and usefulness . Additionally useful for backsplashes, Steel Grey Granite elevates interior spaces with a sophisticated touch.

Its usage in waterfall islands is a distinctive and striking focal point due to its longevity and classic charm. Furthermore, because it offers a sturdy and appealing surface, this granite makes a sensible flooring option.

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Countertop Elegance
Residential: Yes
Commercial: Yes

Durable Flooring
Residential: Yes
Commercial: Yes

Aesthetic Walls
Residential: Yes
Commercial: Yes

Fireplace Surrounds
Residential: Yes
Commercial: Yes

Outdoor Pavers and Pathways
Residential: Yes
Commercial: Yes

Exterior Cladding
Residential: Yes
Commercial: Yes

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Additional information

Product Type:





$45-75 per square foot.




Available in typical thickness options, such as 2cm and 3cm.


Grey and black with flecks of lighter greys

Slab Size

120 x 70 inches (305 x 178 cm)

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