Blue Bahia Granite


With its vivid blue color and unique patterns, Blue Bahia granite is a striking natural stone that is sure to wow. It is a well-liked option for people wishing to make a strong statement with their kitchen or bathroom counters because of its distinctive coloration. Any area is instantly made to feel peaceful and tranquil by the rich, deep blue tones of Blue Bahia granite, which are reminiscent of the ocean.

The capacity of blue bahia granite to produce striking visual effects with each slab is one of its most intriguing features. This stone has a vibrant quality because to the white and light grey waves and swirls that run across the blue base. Every slab is different, with varied hues and patterns that give a surprising touch to any design. This granite gives a home an unmistakable air of sophistication and luxury, whether it is utilized as a backsplash or countertop.

Not to be overlooked are Blue Bahia granite’s strength and longevity. Since hot pots and pans are frequently placed on the surface of this stone in busy kitchens, it is perfect since it can tolerate tremendous heat. Furthermore, this granite’s thick composition guarantees that it will not crack or scratch easily, extending its lifespan and resilience to normal wear and tear. Not to mention how little upkeep your Blue Bahia granite needs—just a quick wipe down with some light soap and water will keep it looking brand new.

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Countertop Elegance
Residential: Yes
Commercial: Yes

Durable Flooring
Residential: Yes
Commercial: Yes

Aesthetic Walls
Residential: Yes
Commercial: Yes

Fireplace Surrounds
Residential: Yes
Commercial: Yes

Outdoor Pavers and Pathways
Residential: Yes
Commercial: Yes

Exterior Cladding
Residential: Yes
Commercial: Yes

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Additional information

Product Type:





$90 – $130 per square foot.




Available in typical thickness options, such as 2cm and 3cm.


White, Blue, Black, Green

Slab Size

120 x 70 inches (305 x 178 cm)

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