Van Gogh Granite


Van Gogh Granite is a stunning natural stone with beautiful swirls of gold, black, and white. This distinctive color combination produces a vibrant and bold appearance, transforming any area into a work of art. The deep and rich tones reflect richness and sophistication, making it an excellent choice for improving the aesthetic appeal of interior design projects. Fascinating feature of this granite is its adaptability in design applications. Either used as kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, or accent pieces in living rooms, beautiful granite gives a touch of elegance and charm to any location. Experience the timeless beauty and durability of this granite in your home or business to create a lasting impression of style and improvement.

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Countertop Elegance
Residential: Yes
Commercial: Yes

Durable Flooring
Residential: Yes
Commercial: Yes

Aesthetic Walls
Residential: Yes
Commercial: Yes

Fireplace Surrounds
Residential: Yes
Commercial: Yes

Outdoor Pavers and Pathways
Residential: Yes
Commercial: Yes

Exterior Cladding
Residential: Yes
Commercial: Yes

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Additional information

Product Type:



Brazil, India, Norway, and Madagascar


$50 to $100 per sq. ft.




3/4″ (2cm slab)
1-1/4″ (3cm slab)


Brown, or Grey, Vibrant colors of Blue or Green.

Slab Size

130 x 75

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