New Caledonia


New Caledonia granite, a stunning natural stone, breathes life into any space it adorns. This granite is popular among homeowners and designers because of its sleek and sophisticated appearance. Its stark combination of grays and blacks generates a striking visual effect.

The extraordinary endurance of New Caledonia granite is one of its most distinguishing properties. It can tolerate a lot of use without displaying any indications of wear or damage. As a result, it’s ideal for high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms. This granite’s unique veining patterns provide a mysterious touch to its toughness. Every slab has a unique story, and each vein creates a work of art that is captivating to look at.

Not only does this granite look nice, but it also has a lot of design options. The grey shades work well with both contemporary and traditional styles. This granite adds an impression of refinement to any room, whether utilized as countertops, backsplashes, or even flooring. Its neutral tones work well with a variety of color palettes and let other design elements to stand out.

New Caledonia granite adds beauty, durability, and versatility to both home and commercial areas. This captivating natural stone captivates with its brilliant color combination while providing unsurpassed robustness against daily wear and tear. New Caledonia granite is a top candidate for individuals seeking refinement in their interior design selections since it seamlessly blends current aesthetics with classic charm.

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Countertop Elegance
Residential: Yes
Commercial: Yes

Durable Flooring
Residential: Yes
Commercial: Yes

Aesthetic Walls
Residential: Yes
Commercial: Yes

Fireplace Surrounds
Residential: Yes
Commercial: Yes

Outdoor Pavers and Pathways
Residential: Yes
Commercial: Yes

Exterior Cladding
Residential: Yes
Commercial: Yes


Additional information

Product Type:





$50 to $80 per square foot, but prices may vary depending on the supplier and location.




Available in typical thickness options, such as 2cm and 3cm.


Gray with flecks of black, white, and beige.

Slab Size

120 x 70 inches (305 x 178 cm)

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