Gran Pearl Granite

When it comes to boosting the beauty and utility of your house, Gran Pearl Granite is an outstanding choice. It is a symbol of everlasting elegance due to its exquisite designs, natural colors, and outstanding durability.

Gran Pearl Granite exceeds expectations whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or building a lavish bathroom. This article delves into the enthralling world of this granite species, examining its distinct traits and benefits as well as financial considerations.

We share all you need to know about this granite, from common usage in home design to maintenance and restoration techniques.

Country of OriginIndia
Color Options:Grey, beige, and Cream hues, with Black Speckles and Veins
Slab Size130 x 75
Thickness2cm & 3cm
Average Cost$50 to $150 per square foot
Gran Pearl Granite


This granite has several solutions to fit various budgets when it comes to cost considerations. Its cost can change depending on a number of elements, such as the slab’s quality, dimensions, and thickness.

This material often runs between $50 and $150 per square foot in price. Just a rough estimate; actual costs may vary depending on where you are located and other factors.

It may seem like a hefty purchase, but it’s important to think about the long-term advantages. Your countertops or other applications produced from this granite will survive for many years to come thanks to its resilience and resistance to heat, scratches, and stains. This granite can also increase the value of your house because of its classic beauty and elegance.

In the end, it’s important to balance this granite remarkable qualities against your spending limit in order to pick the choice that best serves your demands.

Grand Pearl Granite

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Choosing Gran Pearl Granite for Your Home

Interior Applications

Several interior applications for Gran Pearl exist, such as:

Kitchen countertops: This material is ideal for a busy kitchen because of its remarkable durability and heat resistance.

Bathroom vanity tops: It patterns and hues improve the overall appearance of your bathroom.

Fireplace surrounds: A large pearl granite fireplace surround may turn your living room or bedroom into a spectacular focal point.

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Granite Gran Pearl counter

Exterior Applications

It is also a great option for exterior applications, including:

Patio or porch flooring: Create a chic outdoor space while taking advantage of the granite’s durability and natural beauty.

Pool coping and steps: This granite slip-resistant surface gives pool areas safety and opulence.

Benefits of Gran Pearl Granite:

Gran Pearl Granite price

Durability: It is naturally occurring stone renowned for its strength and durability. Due to its high level of heat, scratch, and crack resistance, it is perfect for use in high-traffic areas like kitchen countertops.

Appearance: The granite exhibits an enthralling interplay of flecks and patterns in various tones of pearl white and gray. Any room gains a touch of refinement and luxury.

Versatility: It is versatile and ideal for both indoor and exterior uses. This granite is a flexible option, whether you want to add gorgeous worktops to your kitchen or design a cozy patio area.

Low Maintenance: It takes a little work to keep your granite surfaces clean. It can often be kept shiny and lustrous with routine cleaning with mild soap and water.

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Increased Home Value: This granite installation can raise the value of your house considerably. Potential purchasers find it to be a desirable feature due to its endurance and timeless beauty.


Gran Pearl kitchen countertop with white cabinets

This granite must be taken care of in order to preserve its beauty and increase its lifespan. Here are some important things to think about:

  1. Daily cleaning: To remove spills or dirt, wipe the granite’s surface with a gentle, moist cloth or sponge. Avoid using scrub brushes or harsh cleaners that can harm the stone.
  2. Sealing: To prevent stains and liquids from leaking into the pores, it should be periodically sealed. Sealing could be necessary every six months to a year, depending on usage. For specialized advice, speak to a specialist or your source.
  3. Avoid acidic substances: The surface of this granite can be etched or discolored by acidic liquids like vinegar, lemon juice, or strong chemicals. Use pH-neutral cleansers made especially for granite surfaces to quickly wipe up accidents.
  4. Use cutting boards and trivets: Although this granite is heat resistant, making use of cutting boards and trivets for hot pots or utensils will assist in minimizing thermal shock or possible scratches.
  5. Regular maintenance: Periodically inspect your granite surfaces for any chips, cracks, or wear. Prompt resolution of these problems can stop more harm and expensive repairs.

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Gran Pearl slabs

Gran Pearl granite vs. Absolute Black granite

This Granite has an alluring color pallet with its light foundation ornamented with delicate grey, beige, and cream hues, emphasized by black speckles and veins. This complex mix lends an air of refinement and elegance, giving it a flexible option for different design types.

Absolute Black Granite, in comparison, lives up to its name by generally having a deep black color with few variances. It has a sleek, contemporary style that makes a big, dramatic impact. Contemporary kitchens, baths, and fireplace surrounds frequently use this granite.

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Gran Pearl Granite vs. Kashmir White Granite

This granite creates a balance between elegance and adaptability with its light foundation and delicate patterns of speckles and veins in different colors. It is a great choice for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, and flooring since it can meld smoothly into both traditional and modern designs.

Kashmir White Granite, on the other hand, has a backdrop that is primarily white with mineral deposits that are grey and red, giving it a delicate and airy aspect. Particularly for kitchen countertops, backsplashes, and bathroom applications, this granite lends a calm and serene atmosphere to homes that are conventional or transitional.


Compared to other granite varieties like Kashmir White and Absolute Black, this ranite has a distinctive charm. It is an outstanding option for projects involving home design because of its alluring color combination and unique patterns. This granite adds flair and utility to improve any room in your house because of its toughness and low care requirements.


Is Gran Pearl Granite expensive?

This granite is a cost-effective option for many homeowners when compared to other natural stones.

Can I install Gran Pearl Granite on my own?

While DIY installation is possible for those with experience, professional installation is recommended for a flawless finish.

What is the average lifespan of Gran Pearl Granite?

This granite is a durable investment for your home since it may last a lifetime with proper maintenance.

Is Gran Pearl Granite suitable for outdoor use?

Due to its glowing surface, which might not withstand the weather outside, this is typically utilized indoors.

How do I remove stubborn stains from Gran Pearl Granite?

This can be gently scrubbed with baking soda and water to remove tough stains without harming the material.

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