Black Pearl Granite Countertop & Tiles

Black Pearl Granite is a dark and lustrous granite quarried in California, United State. The Black pearl granite is one of the world’s most expensive and luxurious granites, it is also one of the hardest materials to work with. Black pearl granite is a dark colour, varying from greyish black to jet black.

It can be either a very dark green or brown in colour, but this difference in tone is barely noticeable. The reason why granite is so difficult to work with is because it needs to be cut and polished in order for the colours to show up.

Once it has been cut and polished, this granite will have an incredible shine that makes it look like liquid metal.

Black Pearl Granite


It is new granite that is becoming more popular for installation in kitchens, bathrooms, and decks. It has an ultra-fine grain structure that provides increased durability.

It’s also resistant to both heat and stain damage. The finish on this granite is polished with a light sheen that will not show scratches or watermarks.

This is a beautiful natural stone that can be used for many different purposes. It can be used as a building material, in the kitchen for countertops, or as a tabletop.

This type of granite is popular because it comes in several colours and patterns, so the appearance will always be unique. It is also has some distinctive qualities which make it stand out from other types of stone.


Country United State
colour OptionsSilvers, Greens, Browns, Speckles of golds, and Shades of grey, Black
Slab Size  128 x 73 Inch
Thickness2 cm to 3 cm
Average Cost/Price$40 to $45 per square foot.
Other Names Silver Pearl granite
Material TypeGranite


The cost can be varied according to your location, slab size, and colour.

If you are looking for a polished, flamed, leathered, honed slab then the cost will typically increase.

The average cost for this granite is in the range of $40 to $45 per square foot.

If you need absolute black granite for your kitchen countertop it cost a few dollars less than this black granite. Absolute black granite average cost is around $30 to $50 per square foot.

The total project cost will depend upon how much material you need for your project and its installation charges.

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Leathered Finish

black pearl leathered granite

It is the perfect choice to make a statement. It has a stunning leathered finish that highlights its natural features and adds a touch of elegance. With the number of colours in this granite, it’s no wonder why it’s one of our top sellers!

This beautiful granite can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes, making it perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces, poolside areas, countertops, and more!

Because it has more textured than polished or honed granite, dust can be easily trapped in grooves. That’s why this granite needs special maintenance and it requires special ordering that increases its cost.

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Honed Finish

The colour of this granite changes according to the treatment of its surface. It has less texture as compared to the leather black pearl granite.

This is durable granite and it is very suitable for both interior and exterior such as granite countertops, and backsplashes. It is available in many finishes and varieties.

Kitchen Countertop

black pearl honed granite

This granite has its own amazing design and patterns. It is one of the most popular choices for new homeowners and builders.

This granite is best for the kitchen and bathroom countertop with white, grey, or wooden cabinets. Also, It is a natural stone product and it catches the light and creates a stunning, luxurious feel to your countertop.

The other name of this beautiful granite is silver pearl granite. This granite is durable and heat resistant.

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It is one of the most popular granite that is quarried in California, United State.

This granite features a semi-solid colour tone with shades of greys, golds, silvers, browns, speckles of blacks, and greens.

Absolute Black and Black Pearl Difference

black pearl granite countertops

Black pearl and Absolute black granite feature a dark black colour.

It is less dark than the absolute one because it contains other colours inside the slab anyone can easily see in the good light situation and absolute black granite comes with a completely dark black colour.

Absolute black granite is cheaper than this granite and its average cost is around $30-50 per square foot.

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Black Pearl Slab

Absolute Black Granite Slab

Absolute Black Granite Slab

How do you restore shine to black granite?

A granite countertop is a beautiful addition to any kitchen, but it is important to take care of it properly in order to maintain its shine and luster. If your granite countertop has a spot that has lost its shine, there are several things you can do to restore the finish.

1. One option is to use a granite polish or sealant. This will help fill in any scratches or nicks and will return the shine to the surface of your countertop.

2. Another option is to use a household item like toothpaste or baking soda to buff out the spot. Be sure to test these items on an inconspicuous area of your countertop first to make sure they won’t damage the surface.

3. Whichever method you choose, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely so that you don’t damage your countertop further.


Can this granite be used outside?

The ideal applications for this granite are indoor ones because it might deteriorate over time from exposure to extreme weather.

Are Black Pearl Granite countertops suitable for cutting directly?

Even though granite has a high level of scratch resistance, employing cutting boards will help keep the surface immaculate.

Does Black Pearl Granite need routine upkeep?

Although it doesn’t require a lot of upkeep, frequent sealing and soft washing are required to maintain its attractiveness.

Can I encircle my fireplace with Black Pearl Granite?

Yes, Black Pearl is the perfect choice for fireplace surrounds because of its heat resilience.

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