Dallas White

Dallas White Granite is a material that can be very useful in a variety of residential and commercial settings. It is quarried from a bedrock quarry in Brazil. The stone can be used to create elegant countertops in your kitchen or bathroom or for your fireplace.

You may use it to create a matching fireplace mantel or backsplash. Landscapers and homeowners alike also love the granite because of how durable it is.

It’s also able to be tiled, making it the perfect option for any bathroom project. Dallas White is a fabulous granite that comes in many different colors and patterns such as light grey, and slight lavender tones mixed with cream, and brown color.

This is one of the granite which does not require any face resin because of its tight grain structure.

dallas white granite

Dallas White 

Country of Origin: Brazil

Color Features: Light grey, Slight Lavender Tones Mixed with Golden Cream and Brown.

Slab Size: 112 x 73 to 111 x 73 Inch

Thickness: 2cm & 3cm

Average Price: $40-50 per square foot.

Other Names: Branco Dallas Granite, White Dallas Granite

dallas white granite kitchen

In the past few years, the stone industry has been going green and more eco-friendly. Every year more and more people are becoming aware of the detrimental effects stone and other materials have on the environment.

With this awareness, more people are choosing products that are less detrimental to the environment.

This granite is one of the products that has been recognized for its eco-friendly nature and it is quarried in Brazil.

The quarry ships the stone to the United States and nothing else is added to the stone – not even water. This means that the stone is completely natural. The quarries do not use any impurities on the stone which means there is no need to grind, paint, and seal.


The granite is one of the most popular countertop choices because it is a natural stone product. Like other natural stones, the beauty of natural stones does not diminish.

And, the white granite looks different under different lighting conditions.

Natural white granite is durable, resistant to heat, sanitary, and scratching, and the best countertop for kitchen and bathroom as well as flooring and wall.

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white dallas granite

This granite comes in 2 types. 2cm which is about 20mm thick and 3cm which is 30mm thick. If you are searching for the flooring tiles then you can also get other thicknesses.

How much does Dallas white granite Cost?

The cost can vary depending on the location. It is a natural stone product. The average cost of white granite is around $40-50 per square foot.

It is the most popular choice for countertops, walls, flooring, and any interior and exterior use. The project price will depend upon installation, cutting, sink installation, basic edge profile, and material.

This is the most popular choice for new homeowners and builders because they are looking for something luxurious and attractive. Like the other white granites, if you use these types of granites in the wet areas then you need to be sealed periodically as for the normal maintenance routine.

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Kitchen Countertop

This kitchen Countertop is perfect for installing in your kitchen if you are looking for a timeless finish. It is made from natural quartz stone and is very sturdy.

Rustic and modern are just two of the styles that this countertop is available in, which makes it perfect for any kitchen.

This kitchen countertop has a natural look and feels that is sure to create the perfect environment for any kitchen.

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It can be installed quickly and easily which makes it a perfect choice if you are in a hurry. This kitchen countertop is a great way to elevate your kitchen.

It looks good with dark wood, or light white and grey cabinets if you are using it for the kitchen.

Dallas White Kitchen And Bathroom

It is the best standard countertop for the kitchen. Its textures give it a stylish look and make it more luxurious, and this Dallas granite looks different under different lighting conditions, and it is one of the most popular granite for the countertop of the kitchen and bathroom.


dallas white granite countertops

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