What Is The Cost Of Granite Per Square Foot?

Want to improve the durability and timeless beauty of your place without having to worry about the cost of granite per square foot? Look nowhere else! In order to present an estimated square foot pricing for granite slabs for sale, we have gathered information about them and performed calculations.

These costs are for granite slabs that have not been installed and are meant to provide a general range. When estimating the cost of granite in your location, it’s crucial to take geographical variances, stone quality, and installation expenses into account.

To get the most accurate and recent prices for granite in your area, submit a price request.

You can use this information to make well-informed decisions on kitchen renovations or flooring upgrades because of our research and dedication to transparency.

Cost Of Granite Per Square Foot
Cost Of Granite Per Square Foot

Cost Of Granite Per Square Foot

Uba Tuba$40 – $603cmBrazilDark Green
Giallo Ornamental$45 – $652cm, 3cmBrazilGold, Cream
Blue Bahia$100 – $1503cmBrazilBrazil Blue
Black Galaxy$60 – $902cm, 3cmIndiaBlack with Gold
Bianco Antico$60 – $802cm, 3cmBrazilWhite, Gray
Colonial Gold$70 – $1003cmIndiaGold, Brown
Santa Cecilia$35 – $502cm, 3cmBrazilGold, Beige
Venetian Gold$40 – $552cm, 3cmBrazilGold, Cream
Absolute Black$40 – $602cm, 3cmIndiaBlack
Kashmir White$45 – $652cm, 3cmIndiaWhite, Gray
Baltic Brown$45 – $602cm, 3cmFinlandBrown, Black
Luna Pearl$45 – $602cm, 3cmSpainGray, White
River White$50 – $702cm, 3cmIndiaWhite, Gray
Bianco Romano$45 – $652cm, 3cmBrazilWhite, Beige
Delicatus White$80 – $1203cmBrazilWhite, Gray
New Venetian Gold$40 – $602cm, 3cmBrazilGold, Cream
Butterfly Green$50 – $702cm, 3cmBrazilGreen, Black
Colonial White$50 – $702cm, 3cmIndiaWhite, Gray
Tan Brown$45 – $652cm, 3cmIndiaBrown
White Ice$60 – $802cm, 3cmBrazilWhite, Gray
Caledonia$40 – $602cm, 3cmBrazilBrown, Black
Sapphire Blue$80 – $1203cmIndiaBlue
Giallo Napoli$40 – $552cm, 3cmBrazilGold, Brown
Steel Grey$60 – $902cm, 3cmIndiaGray
Santa Cecilia Light$35 – $502cm, 3cmBrazilGold, Beige
Luna Pearl Light$45 – $602cm, 3cmSpainGray, White
Thunder White$50 – $702cm, 3cmIndiaWhite, Gray
Fantasy Brown$80 – $1203cmIndiaBrown , Gray
Black Pearl$50 – $702cm, 3cmIndiaBlack
Silver Cloud$60 – $802cm, 3cmBrazilGray, White
Verde Peacock$60 – $902cm, 3cmIndiaGreen, Blue
Black Forest$60 – $802cm, 3cmIndiaBlack
Golden Crystal$50 – $702cm, 3cmBrazilGold, Brown
White Spring$40 – $602cm, 3cmBrazilWhite, Gray
Typhoon Bordeaux$80 – $1203cmBrazilRed, Gold
Carioca Gold$60 – $802cm, 3cmBrazilGold, Beige
Luna Pearl Extra$45 – $602cm, 3cmSpainGray, White
Delicatus Cream$80 – $1203cmBrazilCream, Gray
Andromeda White$50 – $702cm, 3cmIndiaWhite, Gray
Ivory Brown$60 – $802cm, 3cmIndiaBrown, Ivory
Tropic Brown$50 – $702cm, 3cmSaudi ArabiaBrown, Black
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Granite Cost in Different Markets

Local Variations in Pricing: Depending on where you live, the price of granite might change dramatically. Your final cost may be influenced by elements including regional demand, supplier accessibility, and even shipping expenses.

Urban vs. Suburban Costs: Greater supplier diversity is common in metropolitan areas, which may result in lower prices. However, the consumer experience from suburban merchants may be more personalized.

Factors Affecting Granite Cost

Quality and Grade of Granite: Granite, like diamonds, is available in a variety of grades and quality levels. The price can be significantly influenced by how scarce particular colors and patterns are. Commercial-grade granite is reasonably inexpensive, but luxury or exotic varieties may cost more than you expect.

Origin and Rarity of the Stone: The geological origin of granite is very important to its price. Due to the high expense of shipping and the scarcity of certain types of stones, stones from remote areas or those with distinctive patterns are more expensive.

Thickness and Edging: The thickness of the granite slab influences its price. Slabs that are thicker are more durable but more expensive. Additionally, the type of edging you select—whether it’s a straightforward bevel or an elaborate bullnose—can affect the final price.

Installation Complexity: The difficulty of the installation procedure can affect labor costs. The final cost may increase due to elements like backsplash installation, corner angles, and sink cutouts.

Comparing Granite to Other Countertop Materials

Granite vs. Quartz: Granite radiates a natural beauty, yet quartz countertops are extremely durable and require little upkeep. We’ll examine the cost contrast and assist you in selecting the material that best suits your requirements and price range.

Granite vs. Marble: Both stones are natural, however, they have different qualities. Granite strikes a mix between elegance and robustness, whereas marble tends toward luxury but requires more maintenance. Let’s examine the cost ranges and useful factors.

Budgeting Tips for Granite Countertops

Setting a Realistic Budget: Create a budget that takes into consideration all connected expenditures before exploring granite possibilities. Remember that there are additional prices for installation, manufacturing, and added features in addition to the slab itself.

Learn how to balance cost and quality for maximum value without sacrificing either. Sometimes making a somewhat larger initial investment might result in savings and long-term happiness.

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