Decomposed Crushed Granite Gravel

Due to its particular beauty, resilience, and distinguishing properties, this decomposed crushed granite gravel is a flexible and long-lasting material that has grown propurality in favour of designers, landscapers, and homeowners. It is created by mechanically fracturing large granite rocks into angular pieces with a distinctive texture. 

It can withstand foot traffic and harsh weather without losing its charm since crushed granite is not only beautiful but also durable and sturdy. Natural stone goods do not contaminate the environment when they are produced or disposed of, thus they need less maintenance and are ecologically beneficial. 

With its versatility, aesthetic impact, and lasting appeal, crushed granite is the best material option for enduring and durable outdoor spaces or construction projects.

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How Much Does Crushed Granite Cost?

Compared to other natural stone selections like marble or quartz, crushed granite is typically more cheap. Prices vary depending on suppliers and local market conditions, and it is often sold by the cubic yard or ton. For crushed granite, you should prepare to pay, on average, $30 to $70 per cubic yard or $40 to $75 per ton.

Depending on the project’s complexity and circumstances like the distance to the provider, additional fees could be charged for delivery, installation, or any other services. Get quotations from nearby providers based on your desired quantity and requirements to receive an exact estimate.

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Advantages of Crushed Granite

Here are the following advantages of Crushed Granite:

Unparalleled Durability: Crushed granite is well known for its outstanding toughness and endurance. Its thick construction allows it to resist high foot traffic, changing weather conditions, and normal wear and tear without compromising structural integrity. Crushed granite has all of your needs covered, whether you’re trying to build a sturdy garden walk or a long-lasting driveway.

Low Maintenance: Forget about spending all day doing labor-intensive maintenance. In contrast to other materials like concrete or asphalt, crushed granite needs less maintenance. It efficiently inhibits weed development, lowering the requirement for pesticides. Additionally, because of how robust it is, erosion problems that are sometimes connected with loose gravel roads are reduced.

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Environmental friendliness: Crushed granite won’t let you down if environmental awareness is important to you. It is naturally sustainable since it is made of solid, natural rocks rather than manufactured materials, which might discharge hazardous chemicals into the environment.

Maximum Versatility: Crushed granite provides many design options, from patio accents to roads, paths, and garden accents. You can easily alter the appearance of your outdoor areas to match your unique style thanks to the variety of color choices available, which range from warm earth tones to lively colors.

The addition of crushed granite to your landscaping not only improves aesthetic appeal but also raises the value of your home, making it a worthwhile investment.

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Disadvantages of Crushed Granite

Limited Color Options: Natural earth tones including brown, gray, and beige are the most common tints of crushed granite. Other materials can be better suited if you want a greater variety of color choices.

Prone to Staining: Similar to other porous materials, crushed granite is susceptible to staining when in contact with certain chemicals, such as oil or acidic solutions. Spills must be cleaned up right once, and sealants must be applied frequently to assist in preventing this problem.

Potential Dust Production: Crushed granite can produce dust particles when it is installed or frequently stepped on, which could worsen respiratory ailments or be uncomfortable. Dust can be kept to a minimum by doing routine maintenance and watering the area.

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Uneven Surface: Over time, surfaces made of crushed granite may become uneven owing to settling or erosion brought on by elements like harsh weather or heavy use. To keep a uniform surface, this might need regular resurfacing or leveling.

Higher Initial Cost: Crushed granite may be more expensive initially than certain other landscaping materials. But over time, it frequently proves to be cost-effective given its toughness and lifespan.

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Versatile Applications

  • Walkways and Pathways: Charming walkways that mix in with the surrounding environment may be made from crushed granite. While offering a strong and secure walking surface, its earthy tones and textured surface provide a touch of rustic elegance.
  • Driveways: Crushed granite is a fantastic material for constructing aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting driveways since it is very resilient and can handle heavy automobiles.
  • Patio Areas: By utilizing crushed granite as the foundation material, you can turn your outdoor patio into a lovely and welcoming environment. Its innate beauty ensures efficient drainage while adding a touch of refinement.
  • Garden Borders: Use crushed granite as a border material to give your garden a beautiful edge. In addition to giving texture and aesthetic appeal, it creates a clear and distinct distinction between plants.
  • Water Features: Use crushed granite to sculpt beautiful water features like ponds or fountains. Due to its adaptability, your outdoor retreat may have distinctive designs that improve its overall visual appeal.
  • Outdoor sitting Areas: To create a long-lasting and aesthetically beautiful surface for lounging and entertaining, include crushed granite in outdoor sitting areas such as fire pits or seating walls.

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Your crushed granite must be properly maintained in order to remain durable and maintain its best appearance. Observe the following important advice:

  • Regular Cleaning: Blow or sweep any dirt, leaves, or other debris off the crushed granite surface. Keeping the area clean and free of stains will assist.
  • Plant Control: To keep Plants from growing in your crushed granite, use Plant-killing chemicals or application of a Plant barrier as necessary. Regularly scan the area for any newly sprouting Plants and get rid of them right away.
  • Resurfacing: Over time, foot traffic or environmental factors such as weather can cause crushed granite to settle or become uneven. Simply add extra crushed granite material and level it with a rake or compactor if you see any cuts or uneven spots.
  • Sealing: Although not required, sealing your crushed granite might help to improve its appearance and stain resistance. Depending on the particular type of crushed granite you have, seek professional advice to learn whether sealing is suggested.
  • Prevent Using Harsh Chemicals: When cleaning your crushed granite, prevent utilizing harsh cleaners or chemicals that may harm the surface or leak into the nearby soil. Choose gentle soap or detergent diluted in water as an alternative for cleaning.
  • You can make sure that your crushed granite lasts for many years to come by following these maintenance suggestions.

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To sum up, crushed granite is a very adaptable and long-lasting substance that can survive the test of time. You can assure its continued operation and attractiveness by following practical maintenance advice. In addition, crushed granite is less expensive in comparison to other natural stone substitutes. Choose crushed granite for your project and profit from its amazing advantages.


Is crushed granite environmentally friendly?

Crushed granite can be environmentally benign if it is acquired properly from local suppliers who value sustainable practices. This reduces its environmental impact.

How do I prevent weeds from growing through crushed granite pathways?

Consider placing a weed barrier cloth behind the crushed granite to keep weeds at bay. Regular maintenance, such as weed removal and reapplication of crushed granite, can also help.

Can I use crushed granite for a patio?

Yes, crushed granite, particularly decomposed granite, can be used for patios. It provides a sturdy floor for outdoor seating spaces.

Does crushed granite require sealing?

While sealing crushed granite is not required, several homeowners opt to do so to improve color and durability.

Can I install crushed granite myself, or should I hire a professional?

If you have the proper tools and knowledge, you can install crushed granite yourself. However, for larger jobs or intricate designs, employing a professional may be necessary to achieve a high-quality outcome.

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