Shadow Storm Granite


Shadow Storm Granite is a type of natural stone that is recognized by its gorgeous and unusual appearance. This granite variant has a white or cream primary tint with gray secondary colors. Kitchen counters and bathroom surfaces are only two of the many interior design applications that make use of it. The combination of white and gray in Shadow Storm Granite creates an appealing, timeless look. For more information about Shadow Storm Granite, contact a local stone wholesaler or granite specialist. They will be able to supply you with the most up-to-date information on this particular granite type. Cost, availability, and application specifics are other important considerations. Shadow Storm Granite selection and application for your design projects might be aided by them.

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Countertop Elegance
Residential: Yes
Commercial: Yes

Durable Flooring
Residential: Yes
Commercial: Yes

Aesthetic Walls
Residential: Yes
Commercial: Yes

Fireplace Surrounds
Residential: Yes
Commercial: Yes

Outdoor Pavers and Pathways
Residential: Yes
Commercial: Yes

Exterior Cladding
Residential: Yes
Commercial: Yes

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Additional information

Product Type:





$50 to $90 per square foot




3/4″ (2cm slab)
1-1/4″ (3cm slab)


Dark gray and black with white veining

Slab Size

120 x 70 inches (305 x 178 cm)

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